AtliChain KB textile snow chains car snow sock autosock for winter Ice road
AtliChain KB textile snow chains car snow sock autosock for winter Ice road
AtliChain KB textile snow chains car snow sock autosock for winter Ice road
AtliChain KB textile snow chains car snow sock autosock for winter Ice road
AtliChain KB textile snow chains car snow sock autosock for winter Ice road
AtliChain KB textile snow chains car snow sock autosock for winter Ice road
US $11.19-12.5
KB common
200 pair

Item specifics

Car model
passenger car
Anti skid
Road Type
snow&Ice Road
Logo Design
1 pairs=2pcs
oxford handbag



Atli Tire Sizes

Product N.W. packing G.W. Means

Stock No. Kg/Pair Pairs/ctn Kgs/Ctn cm
145/70R13 175/60R13 165/65R13 135/70R14 165/55R14 KB70 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
155/70R13 195/55R13 185/55R13 185/50R14 185/45R15

155/65R13 135/80R13

145/80R13 195/60R13 155/65R14 145/65R15 155/60R15 KB71 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
165/70R13 145/70R14 175/60R14 175/50R15 185/50R15
175/65R13 165/60R14 205/50R14 195/45R15 195/40R16
185/60R13 185/55R14

165/80R13 195/60R14 185/65R14 165/65R15 195/55R15 KB72 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
185/70R13 175/70R14 135/80R15 175/60R15 185/50R16
155/80R14 205/60R14 155/70R15 185/60R15 195/70R16
175/80R14 235/60R14 185/70R15 195/60R16 205/50R17 KB73 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
205/70R14 165/80R15 195/65R15 215/55R16 235/45R17
215/65R14 175/75R15 215/60R15 235/55R16 205/45R18

225/70R14 215/70R15 185/75R16 245/55R16 215/55R17 KB74 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
185/80R15 225/65R15 205/65R16 185/65R17 245/50R17
195/75R15 245/65R15 215/65R16 225/55R17 235/45R18
205/70R15 175/75R16 225/60R16 215/50R18 265/40R18

205/80R14 205/75R15 205/70R16 215/60R17 225/50R18 KB75 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
215/75R14 255/60R15 235/60R16 235/55R17 235/50R18
235/70R14 255/75R15 255/55R16 255/50R17 245/45R18
195/80R15 175/80R16 185/70R17 205/55R18 255/45R18
205/65R13 165/75R14 235/45R15 175/55R16 205/40R17 KB76 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
215/60R13 225/55R14 195/50R16 205/45R16 225/35R17
225/60R13 205/50R15 215/45R16 225/40R16 245/35R17

215/50R15 255/35R16 195/40R17 225/50R18
175/80R13 205/65R14 205/55R15 225/45R16 215/40R17 KB77 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
205/70R13 215/65R14 215/55R15 255/40R16 225/40R17
235/60R13 145/80R15 175/60R15 225/50R15 235/40R17
165/80R14 165/70R15 185/55R16 255/45R15 225/35R18
175/75R14 175/65R15 195/55R16 175/55R17 235/35R18
185/70R14 185/65R15 205/50R16 195/45R17 255/30R18
195/65R14 195/60R15 215/50R16 205/55R17
185/80R13 155/80R15 245/45R16 225/50R16 245/35R18 KB78 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
185/75R14 175/70R15 245/50R15 215/45R17 215/40R18
195R70R14 205/60R15 185/65R16 245/40R17
225/60R14 225/55R15 205/50R16 225/45R17
185/80R14 195/70R15 185/65R16 185/60R17 215/45R18 KB79 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
195/75R14 205/65R15 195/65R16 205/55R17 225/45R18
195/80R14 215/65R15 205/60R16 215/50R17 235/40R18
205/75R14 225/60R15 215/60R16 225/50R17 245/40R18
215/70R14 235/60R15 225/55R16 235/50R17 245/50R18
245/60R14 165/75R16 235/55R16 245/45R17
175/80R15 175/70R16

215/80R14 225/75R15 195/75R16 225/65R16 225/60R17 KB80 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
215/75R15 215/70R16 245/60R16 245/55R17
155/80R13 225/55R13 175/65R14 155/65R15 175/50R16 KB81 1kgs 10 10kgs 55x37x28cm
175/70R13 135/80R14 185/60R14 165/60R15 195/45R16
185/65R13 145/80R14 195/55R14 175/55R15 205/40R16
195/65R13 155/70R14 205/55R14 185/55R15 215/40R16
205/60R13 165/65R14 135/70R15 195/50R15 215/35R17

165/70R14 145/70R15 255/45R15




autosock,textile snow chain Fabric snow chains, tire cover,tyre cover,light,Recyclable


KB autosock,textile snow chain, Fabric snow chains

autosock,textile snow chain Fabric snow chains, tire cover,tyre cover,light,Recyclable, snow chains

The Atli Auto snow socks are super-strong textile socks which you slip over the drive wheels to provide the grip you need on ice and snow. They’re reusable, easy to fit, take up minimal storage space, and are perfect for our changing winter conditions.


 The Atli Auto snow socks' big advantage is that they are extremely quick and easy to fit. They automatically self centre when driving. Since there is no metal chain in contact with the road, the road your tyres and your comfort all benefit.


The Atli Auto snow socks provides an ideal solution for "That trip to the shops " The school run" "That important appointment" Snow Socks are ideal for the winter, where we experience sudden snow fall and icy conditions.

How the Atli Auto snow socks work

Very simply the fabric sticks to the snow and ice. The woven fabric is designed to ensure maximum grip on snow and ice.

KB autosock,textile snow chain, Fabric snow chains


- One pair of Snow Socks in a storage bag.

- A pair of gloves to protect your hands when fitting from wet & dirt.

 Fitting Instructions

The Atli Auto snow socks

• Safely drive up to speeds of 50km/h(conditions permitting).

• Come with a 6 month warranty

• Fitting them is easy.

• They are lightweight and take up minimal space. Always keep in the car for further use.

• They are reusable - and good value.

• They are a simple solution to a difficult problem.


Notes on Correct Use

-Please note: If you drive on clear roads / gritted tarmac, the faster they will wear out. Remember to check the sock before use and replace when nessacery.

-The Atli Auto snow socks is built to get you out of trouble and not for prolonged use. You should take them off once on a gritted or clear road.

- The Atli Auto snow socks is designed to be used on tarmac / asphalt road with Snow & Ice

- Off road conditions where the road is uneven will damage the product,

- Continued use on roads where now and ice is cleared will wear down the sock.

- Do not exceed 50 km/h. Do not make sudden braking or acceleration movements. Turn smoothly to avoid skidding - i.e no sudden / jerky movements.

- Reduce speed further on wet snow.

- Dry socks before packing away wash after winter is over and store.

- Do not leave them on overnight or store in area where they can freeze, if this should happen do not drive on the socks ontil it has naturally dried out.


Suitable for:

- All Passenger cars

- All 4x4 vehicles (fit to the front wheels)

- LCV vehicles under 1.5 tones fully loaded


KB autosock,textile snow chain, Fabric snow chains


The Atli Auto snow socks comes with a 6 months warranty against manufacturing or material defects only .Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by road debris, rips due to wrong application, rips or tears from skidding or wheel spining. Please see notes on correct use above